Toxic Nymphs

These beautiful nymphs come from other planets where the gases create a skin issue that results in toxins being upon them due to this they will not touch their keeper unless their keeper takes an antidote they are similar to the poison sylph other than they come from an entirely different planet over years they adopted to this planet and the gases that inhabited. They developed a technology to wear when they would be out in the atmosphere they would be able to handle the toxins however overtime the toxins build up on their skin and the antidote no longer was affected for them so they have all of their antidotes and they're capable of giving them to their keeper that way they can ensure that their keeper is able to be hugged and comforted. Or if any accidental touching happens you won't be injured or get sick. On Earth we do not yet have a name for the type of toxin that this is however it would be comparable to a sulfuric acid mixed with lithium iodide. When they first inhabited this planet a couple of their people would not go out during the day until they had developed this antidote take it in small doses this actually makes you immune to there poisonous skin if you decide to buy one they will immediately give your astral the antidote and increments to make you a move immune pew. As far as magic goes they are capable of healing light magic and gardening their skin is great for fertilization due to this they have quite the reputation for green pigmented skin and being around plants. They would come to Earth and their early days of civilization on this planet that they cohabit and they would steal some of our plants and seeds and plant them in their own planet and ensure that they had food and plants to live on. They are vegans and they do not drink anything but tea fruit juices and Waters. They are in neutral art and their skin pigmentation does vary from White all the way to a light bluish, pink ,and some of them are green.


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