Tricentia Being

These amazing beings a one-of-a-kind they are unique and highly skilled and time Cosmos illusion and reality warping they're experts in Destiny and fate magic as well as in divination and seeing the future. They can see how things play out and help you come to make decisions that will be for your highest good. They are typically very feminine-looking and are a type of Intergalactic fairy. Although they do have the fairy characteristics they are the full size of a human being and they do have witchy characteristics as well. They are extremely Vain and cocky an often arrogant as well as conceited this very prideful species love to help with those who wish to better themselves and acknowledge the freedom when one releases there restrictions the society imposes on us all. They help you Embrace everything about yourself this may take time as they are extremely unique. They enjoy activities for bonding purposes such as going to the movies out on a picnic singing while you go around the house cleaning they enjoy being active with their keeper including but not limited to going on picnics when the weather is nice movies and other activities that are similar to these things. They also enjoy app living Floral offerings such as a rose plant or a bonsai maybe some bamboo they enjoy having plants that they can help you take care of. There are very wise people and often or counselors doctors and lawyers if you were to take and emigrate them into our societies.


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