Unicorn Hybrids

Uni Lamb These cute little lambs are very friendly and sweet. They enjoy calm and peaceful Lifestyles and bring Harmony and cleansing to the sacred spaces and home. They have been known to walk into the middle of arguments between family members or companions and the next thing you know there's no arguing. They are extremely psychic and empathic beings who use their powers only for Pure good and are capable of helping you achieve your highest good. At night time they like to sleep cuddled up next to your side or sometimes they sleep beside your head. They are very playful and love to run they enjoy offerings of lemongrass sugar cubes and wheatgrass they enjoy candles and flower petals as well however they are very simple and very easy to maintain. They do not get any bigger than 24 in tall and 10. They stay the size of a lamb for all of their life.

Uni Wolves These beautiful beings are blessed with powers of healing magic opening of chakras purification Fierce protectors and Guardians as well as amazing Healers and comforted beings. They help with PTSD depression and socializing. They're extremely social animals who are vegan and they do eat plant-based proteins yes. They vary in colors just like any wolf does but they have the Horn of a unicorn a defect that makes them both unique and beautiful all at the same time these lovely beings are very loyal and will protect you till their last breath.


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