Vetvert Giants

These Giants are green skin tone colored. With beautiful gemstone colored eyes and various hair colors they live in the astral moorlands,moor,and heaths that are scattered through the astral plane. They tend to be very bad at directions and get there magic in versed what this has beautiful reactions and ends up working perfectly for them. This is also part of the reason why their skin is green when they're magic backfires and produces a chemical that makes their skin stay the dark to light greens that it is. They're gentle advisors great Council people and very honorable Warriors. For offerings they tend to like burnt holy Sage and Santo Palo incense. I also like fruit slices and vegan diets. Their society is one that uses a bartering system and they are more primal they hunt and gather and only take what they need to survive. They stand 14ft tall and are typically gorgeous but earthy in energy. Unlike a lot of giant to end up stooping due to their math due to the diet that they have undergone in the way that they have live their lives they don't stoop they stand tall and proud with excellent posture and regally.


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