zagonetka yetebirara

These entities are very unique they enjoy being referred to as puzzles. They are typically of different energy portions and all of them are puzzles you typically see them mix matched skin or stitched with different colored eyes. usual portrayed while playing puzzles themselves. Their gifts are of extending the subconscious and helping their keeper reach Ascension. They help you go down a rabbit hole of finding your true self and accepting yourself for it there are some places that they cannot go with you due to the dark however you can manage by listening to their voice and the like that they give you as an orb to find to find your way. Think of it as your own personal Rubik's Cube they are like a Rubik's Cube they help you find all the missing parts of your past life memories and whatever knowledge you lack for answers they help you find. They do you feed sanguine or psy as they were never actually born so their perception of death and life is entirely different than our oh they do have a moral compass and can be anywhere from Serenity to Moonlight. They usually do not talk to anyone but the keeper.

it is their entire existence to help people on their spiritual paths fine the truthful answers that they are searching for.


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