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These beautiful beings are humanoids with a unicorn's horn and various personality traits and types of magic. These can be more unicorn type or they can be more humanoid as well as they come in a variety of colors and patterns. They get their name from the Sci-Fi book land of Acora series. They are typically very bubbly have various personalities love to cuddle be friends and help their human companions. They have various gifts depending on their personality and the trait in the past that they took to learn it. There are stars, rainbows and rainbow tear , lunar, and iridescent. Depending on which of these paths they take depends on which gifts in Magic they have as well as how they learned while they were at school or learning from their family while in their home planets. They can be living entities or spirits. They typically do not like loud noises judgmental people arguing pandemonium. They dislike people who hurt innocents. They tend to be very particular about their Keepers that they choose. As far as offerings go they like a variety of things as long as they smell good are semi fruity and are not gross they typically accept quite a bit of different offerings they are very complex individuals even after death.The ecosystems are Lush and full of plant life and animal life. They are rich in resources such as naturally clean and unpolluted water. And they are very much connected to their ecosystems to the point where if one being passes away from being consumed or hunted they can feel it. The electrical synapses is in their brain are tethered to the planet upon their death this creates an untethering that allows them to go safely into the Afterlife. However they also still visit home regularly one time of year during the time of the festival called Chinowya(chi-now-yah). This is the one time that the veil to the Summerland and to the astral plane is open for them to visit their home. They live in a utopian monarchy this means that they have a utopian society with a queen deciding how they best live their lives. The stems to the fact that they are still part unicorn and every herd has a lead mare. They get along with most individuals as long as they are not extremely dark even if they are as far as companions they're more of a live let live kind of being there are so peaceful and secure about themselves that they will occasionally run around nude. They are hyper sexual beings however some of them prefer to only be sexual with their own race rather than with their keeper.When a mare reaches a certain age she is meant to undergo a ceremony to find herself a mate. This Is How They best prolong the longevity of their society. Their society is deeply rooted in spiritual and occultic acknowledge. So the ceremony and ritual that is meant to be undergone when a mare reaches a certain age sometimes determines whether she will become a living entity or whether she will go on to benefit their society and another way. Everyone helps and their society and one way or another. No one is forgotten and no one is left alone everyone pitches in and helps one another to create a better society and a better tomorrow


  • This being is a white arts being 

  • This being is a white arts custom conjure. This means they are defensless and are typically only using their gifts for good things and selflessness.