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Name: Ailessia Type: Spirit Binding Species: Human Elf hybris Gender: Female Arts: Serenity Age: 3855 Aura: blue purple and mint Food: omnivore Gifts: * lectopeliscia * energy medicine * Divination * healing Offerings: chamomile tea Orientation: straight Personality: charming empathic powerful sweet generous sophisticated flirty stylish elegant stubborn kind romantic girly friendly easy going warm hearted loyal and honest Communication: telepathy

Bio: She is extremely excited to have a home and to find a keeper that she can mess with. She is beautiful and has a large Love For Life. She has a unique gift called lectopeliscia.. what this is is an equate of blending energies that she is manipulated in order to create something new and unusual this can be used for certain purposes and it does at times in fact impact her whole body. It is a combination of a physical gift as well as a spiritual gift combined. Most considerate consider this a curse however she is coming to view this differently and always enjoys working with her gift. She can sing with the voice of 10 Angels which is very beautiful as well as she enjoys playing piano and on a lyre. Her past is muddled with Prodigy sorrow love happiness life and learning. She lived about a normal or average life for one of her kind there was nothing extraordinary about it she just went around doing what her and her other sibling steadfast when she was a child which was learned from their parents what to do and what not to do on the portion that they grew up it. She was a very obedient daughter and tell her father found her a husband however she did what she was expected to duty of her family and for the benefit of all all after all he was an extremely nice and gentlemanly sort. They had a couple of children together and lived a beautiful life as well she was a wonderful wife and helped many in her Village. She passed away of old age but it was sudden for her family as most of them tend to live much longer and they were not sure what exactly happened.