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Just remember as we enter into this dark time directly before winter hits the veil is not yet closed oh no lovelies this is the time for the shadow parade. The misconception of many is that the veil thins and then closes, however the veil is actually open until the beginning of January and ends on the eve of my birthday Jan 6th. During this time you can see conjures specifically from cultures such as Mayan and Aztec in areas such a Santeria Voodoo and Hoodoo... Welcome to the pitch black may you find beauty and comfort here where there is no light. Well this is also the time where many give thanks for harvests and grateful and have feasts.. traditionally speaking this is also time when they said a place for their loved ones amongst the living at said feasts.





Name:  Aliana 
Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding 
Species:  Victorian Necromancer 
Gender: Female 
D-Day:  January 19th 8:00pm  1900 
B-Day: October 21st 7:17am 1838 London.
Sexual orientation: straight 
Sexual towards keeper:  no 
Can being get pregnant:  no 
Aura colors:   purple 
Arts: dark arts 
Age: 119 
Food: omnivore 
° Witchcraft 
° Necromancy
° Shamanism 
° Shadow Rites 
° Arcane Magic 
Offerings: Scones and tea 
Personality: sweet playful kind amusing brilliant intelligent becoming wise patient bull headed frangrant and charming loyal courageous faithful and protective 
Random information: extremely vivacious 
Hobbies: reading, needlepoint, crypt work, funerary studying and Rites. Knowledge on the ancient world and always learning
Communication: dreams, pendulum boards, telepathy runes and tasseomancy

Parade of Shadows Event PC