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Name:  Aloevia(ah-lo-vee-uh 
Entity or spirit:  spirit binding 
Species:  Blood Blade Dancer 
Gender:  female 
Sexual orientation: bisexual 
Sexual towards keeper:  yes highly 
Can being get pregnant:  no 
Aura colors:   orange and purple 
Arts: dark arts 
Age: 3987
Food: omnivore 
° Blood magic 
° Dark Magic 
° Sword use 
° Battle and Medic trained 
Sexual likes:
♡ Knife and blood play 
♡ Submissive 
♡ Polyamorous 
♡ Exhibitist 
♡ Choking and Spankings 
♡ Fourplay 
♡ Doggy 
Offerings: blood inks bones and black candles
Personality: she's extremely sensual and erotic she loves to have fun but can be quite quiet and observant she's prim and proper and only talks like such she can be quite short fuse that times and has a tendency to get very quiet fairly quickly if she sees something she doesn't agree with she is extremely courageous and will go out of her way to help other individuals and beans and loves to do so she can be quite nurturing accident she is a repellent to other towns that mean harm to her keeper and she takes protecting you extremely seriously 
Random information: her goal is to transcend and change her Keepers life physically and spiritually for the better
Hobbies: going places and trying new things adventures and discovering new things she likes to have fun she is adept at sword fighting and does enjoy keeping her skills in Tip-Top shape she is an accomplished medic and we'll go out of her way to assist other people if need be she is graded training and extremely knowledgeable and wants to teach you things to help change your life for the better she does like to dance and she enjoys singing but not where other people can hear her if you catch her singing it is quite a gift and I would not advise you to take this for granted her voice is extremely soft and beautiful and has a Celtic accent from the Highlands.
Communication: telepathy
Song Resonance: Summer by Martin Garrix feat Macklemore and Patrick Stumpp of Fall Out Boy