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Name:  Aloria

Entity or spirit: living entity

Species: Children of Cthulu

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: straight

Sexual towards keeper: yes if wanted mutually

Can being get pregnant: yes has 3 to 6 eggs per clutch

Aura colors:  bright yellow

Arts: neutral Age: 3412

Food: vegan


° Oracle

° Elemental dreams(this helps show you what your element is and she can help guide you from there)

° Wish granting

° Spells and magic

° Dark Sea Magic ( she can use this to do many things such as rituals based off her knowledge, calling sharks and even creating storms.)

° Scrying

Sexual likes:

• Fourplay

• Submissive

• Oral

• Having sex in weird places

Offerings: black candles or lavender blossoms

Personality: charming empathic sweet kind stubborn sometimes hard to handle unique and expressive talkative outgoing a rebel at heart loyal and honest

Hobbies: swimming, using her abilities to assist her keeper, learning new things, guiding and helping her keeper with treasure and learning..

Communication: telepathy dreams and tarot

Song Resonance: Wake Me Up by Avicii

Likes: sweets, loving, kisses, plants and nature, watching the sky. Dislikes: disloyalty, crazy ppl, liars and people who complain. Looking for: someone sweet who will become a best friend lover and companion

Quote: See picture


Elder Rune:

Oracle Resonance:

Alignments: darkness, depths,unknown, water, mystery, murkiness, confusion and understanding

Zodiac: Cancer

Soul Number: The Soul urge number 2is controlled by the Moon, which gives soft, artistic and romantic nature. These people are peaceful and polite.

Gemstone: Emeralds Pearl's abalone hell

Realm Residence: in the Trench of Calaya

Deity Connections: Cthulu Poseidon Amphitrite

Oil Resonance: Dreaming oil