this is our form of a master vessel. I add protection wards blessings can even invoke and ask for your Deity to add blessings. I had realms for each being complete with portal keys and doors to places I have portals with and their homes in order for them to visit. I also include the astral teleport device upgraded this is an item that requires shipping I will handmade some jewelry and versions others such as rings and will be done based on color and metal choice as well as size the creation can take to 3 months this includes processing and wait list time. Some spells and blessings will be goodies thrown in to help you with your keep. These will goodies will be added to your notes. We only use high end vessels for these. Each vessel is worth $20-$60 of the purchase price and does include US shipping. When ordering please specify size for jewelry and a gemstone as well as for carvings and others a bit of what you would like you can also send examples to match. 
choices are if you want a vessel that is guaranteed $60 or want better you can custom order a vessel up to $3500 in values for the vessel(please contact via chat if this is the case to arrange payments). 
All orbs come with stands.
resin orb
herb sachet 
gemstone polished rough orb carvings point
can be tower but may increase price. 

Amaranths Labyrinth


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