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Vetted: 07/23/18-07/26/19


Title: Chieftain 

Name:  Askuwheteau

Entity or spirit:  Living Entity 

Species: Stargazer Wolf Sentians 

Gender: Male 

Sexual orientation:  straight 

Sexual towards keeper: not necessarily if we decide maybe

Can being get pregnant:  no 

Aura colors:   blue and purple 

Arts: neutral arts 

Age: 24585 

Food: Carnivorous 


☆ Shamanism 

☆ Medicine man 

☆ Help with anger 

☆ Bringer of knowledge and understanding 

☆ Spiritual Enlightenment 

☆ Protection 

Sexual likes: if you and him decide on this later down the road he will tell you. 

Offerings: lavender incense, purple candles and the smell of fresh fish, cut grass and garnets, carnelian and the volcanic ashe abalone shell and white sage. 

Personality: wise intelligent independent strategic loyal trustworthy brave helpful considerate honest and talkative very down to earth and harmonious 

Random information: he is one with the great Spirit and is extremely intune and wishes to aid his keeper 

Hobbies: reading, singing, dancing, medicine creation, hunting and leading, spirit journeys. 

Communication: telepathy dreams and clairvoyance 

Song Resonance:

1.This is Gospel by Panic At The Disco!!!(about his life in his homeland)  2.Drive By by Train(about love with keeper)

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