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While I understand the price on this may seem like a lot for our shop. It actually is a decent price compared to everything that this ritual does. This ritual is extremely powerful and I am sorry to say but it is only for females. If you wish for a Male one I will create one spefically tailored to your gender. This includes multiple mantras being done, chants, spellwork, it is quite elaborate and I as I perform it on you it is also done on myself. On my side of things I perform all of the mantras I complete all of the chance which are included to multiple deities: Orishas, lakishimi, Shiva, Isis (the goddess), Astarte Inanna, the Devi, the fates, Santa Muerte and the fathers of each element. I'm required to invoke each leave an offering for each do the spell work which is cleansing and energy purification chakras kundalini reiki and DNA restoration this then helps with stress, prosperity, nerves and anxiety. You can start this ritual mad as a hornet and come out, peaceful as a dove. Bedroom moves any negative magic that has been done to you from anyone it gives you an auric Shield, protection around the home and sacred spaces. This unique bath ritual comes with a bottle as well (us shipping free) by choice.

It is one of most loving and beautiful feelings in the world. I also have to use energy dancing within this ritual and perform the entire ritual on myself with the dance included. On your end all you have to do is get into a bath at a set time and I will start the ritual. If you fall asleep while your ritual is occurring you may experience a spiritual journey, and Awakening or the journey that a goddess that is connected to you took to become who she is. This helps you go from being that rough gemstone that you feel deep inside to being that polish Diamond that shines bright. This feeling well not permanent can last a very long time buy very long time it can be permanent or it can be semi-permanent lasting up to 90 days. I will be giving it a boost every 30 days to ensure that no negativity can dampen the magic that has been performed. 


This does incorporate Gemstones and Herbs as well as organic Milk powder and oils incense and candles.Please do not take this ritual and substitute it for any doctor or medical professional advice.

Astra's Bath Ritual