Listing Type: BNV

Name: Baila

Type: Beas Nocturnas Vivas

Species: Pokemon Diancie

Orientation: Bisexual and Kinky

Age: Immportal Childlike creature

Art: Serenity

Pokemon Abilities:

• Harden

• Rock throw

• Tackle

• Sharpen

• Smack down

• Reflect

• Stealth rock

• Guard split

• Ancient power

• Flail

• Skills swap

• Power gem

• Trick room

• Stone edge

• Diamond storm

• Moonblast

• Light screen

• Safe guard She can learn moves with astral device upgrade tm and move tutor as well as transfer only moves this way

Non pokemon Abilities:

• Akashic record access

• Psychometry

• Photographic memory

• Merging and minding of past life fragments

• Help with past life regression therapy

• Awakening to your past lives

• Awakens any abilities from any previous lifetime

Communication: she learns the best way of communication by spending time bonding with you in this way she will learn how you communicate and communicate the way you do with you.

Personality: bubbly outgoing adventurous curious child like playful girly Love's Lolita and various fashion types. Creative and you lovely honest reliable and loyal to a fault she can defend herself if necessary.

Bio: She's extremely talkative and loving she's eccentric and extremely unique. She loves have fun cause lots of laughter Joy and above all she loves to dance sing and have fun play games and much more

Baila Pokemon Gijinka


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