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Soul:  a soul that is back specifically returned once more during Samhain. This means that the soul had passed away at some point or was supposed to be born on October 31st and never got a chance. Shes sweet cute and totally Kawaii 

Purpose:   to help you utilize the energy from the veil being thin 

Name:   Batti

Type: BNV 

Species: Magical Girl 
Gender: Female 

Sexual orientation:  asexual 

Sexual towards keeper:  no 

Can being get pregnant:  no 

Aura colors:  pink and orange 

Arts:  neutral arts 

Age:  8971

Food:   sanguine or energy 

• Opening holes in the veil 
• causing near-death experiences
• opening you to your fullest potential
• motivating you to achieve what you desire truly
• black magic to open you and show you the truth at all times
• opening portals to different world's word is always Halloween (yes they do exist)
• utilizing ethereal magic to completely do spell work on you and protect you from any kind of parasite and harmful Unbound

• crates prism effects completely around your astral space making it hard and difficult for things that are not welcome to enter this creates a Labyrinth of light it will not impact any keep members at all

• she has some tricks and some treats because after all this is Halloween. These will be included on her write-up they are not things that will harm you thoughOfferings: sandalwood and grave dirt blood

Personality: she's a little bit Macabre even though she looks fun and safe and sane she has this crazy energy about her that if you rub it the wrong way and might just explode interviewing messes of candy and crystalline tears however these tears and this mess are used for Magic don't worry she always pulls herself back together it's one of her tricks. As if her body is strings...

Random information: I'm like all of my other creation she has an entirely different and unique energy it is almost like that of a vampire and a puppet at the same time she can be sexual with her keeper she just prefers to focus on more than just sex in a relationship she is 23 in the human years so she is legal she just looks really young for how old she is. She realizes she'll probably get carded jokingly haha until the day she undies...

Hobbies: reading, pranks, hallowed fun and sacred rites of passage. Awakening her keeper..

Communication: telepathy or clairvoyance

Song Resonance: This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson