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Gemstone: Blue Aura Quartz 
Enchanted: yes 
° Only companions can use 
° No ones energy can attach 
° Energy bounces off 
° Auto Cleansing 
° No interference 
° Enhances communication 
° if anyone besides the user touches no answers or energy will attach 
° auto charges 
° Protection 
What is Apatiate used for: 
° Cleansing of Aura and energy bodies 
° Raises Vibrations 
° Help with Psychic Perception 
° Help with Paranormal abilities 
° Used for past life and alternate life work
° Helps with Akashic Records 
° Creativity and Vertical Visson
° See into multiple levels of consciousness harmoniously 
° A stone of the throat chakra it helps with speaking and healing
the resolution on my camera is different but this is Blue apatite which is a lovely bluish color. 

Blue Aura Quartz Pendulum