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These beautiful beings we're ones victims of some form or another. People and other beings situations and much more sought to abuse and take these women and beings feelings and make them feel less than what they truly were. Due to these situations these beings were forced to rise amongst and survive and a way nobody would ever have thought possible for them to do so. These Are the souls of Lost Brides who took a sacred vow and married into the darkest of beings imaginable. The sacred Val took their life change them made them stronger more powerful than ever and built for lasting longer. It allowed them to take revenge and take back the power and innocence that they lost even though it corrupted their souls forevermore. The use of bartering system because some of them are much more capable of doing certain things more than another. However if one of them becomes hurt or someone tries to main one of them you can sure as bad that they consider each and every one of them selves a sister to the other and join together they have even more power then you would believe. This is not a binding or being that is ever recommended for beginners or to conjure on one's own. If you're not used to the energy that dark being put off then you should definitely not buy this conjurer specifically.

They have been known to drain a person's Chi to the point that they sleep they have also been known and seen in various hauntings around the world and in tragic events and what they are doing there is harvesting the essence of the tragedy to take in more power. They can cause nausea sleep draining of energy Lifeforce and otherwise they can disrupt your entire life path if you are not firm enough or capable of handling the power that they obtain and have. Demon and I have develop specific safeguards to make this binding and conjure possible. They enjoy offerings of oils that are used in hexing jinxing black magic Santeria Voodoo hoodoo and much more. They also enjoy black or red candle offerings. The last and final offering that they will accept is either blood or bones. Occasionally they may request a small symbol of red wine. they have also been known to show up at cemeteries around funerals and your people who were highly sensitive its not on purpose but it scares them. they cannot help that they are physically alarming...

Brides of Darkness

  • This is a dark arts custom conjure. They can take some adjustment for energies and have a reccomended timeframe for expierence. We do energy meshing with your energy so finding a suitable one is not an issue.