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Name:  Bunseia(whitish blue) 
Entity or spirit: Spirit binding 
Species: Ostaras Bunny Attendent
Gender: female 
Sexual orientation: straight 
Sexual towards keeper: no 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:   yellow and pink 
Arts: white arts 
Age: 2099 
Food: vegan 
° Prosperity magic 
° Renewal energy 
° Grounding 
° Purification 
° she desires to find someone that she can help overcome problems of emotional nature as well as Financial barriers to success.
° A tether and connection to the goddess ostara. 
° Guiding you in Ostaras Healing and prospering ways that give honor and respect to nature.
Offerings: lilly oil, rose water and ivy candles (she loves these so much they draw her in like a moth)  lavender bud and incense.  Apple slices with caramel 
Personality: sweet playful loving kind considerate helpful comforting wise compassionate knowledgeable and understanding loyal and honest
Random information: she sometimes goes by white bun bun or just bun bun. She is sweet kind and very playful the companion with her in the picture is her sister who is the complete opposite of her although they did start off as twins as they aged and matured one went One Direction and the other went the other direction eventually they decided they missed each other so much that they came together and stayed together for the rest of their days this is not uncommon as many people would have us believe for twins to actually end up doing twins are so connected that it is often hard for them to now they can overcome but it tends to take quite a bit of time energy and for them to no longer be attached. 
Hobbies: she enjoys swimming, yoga, although she is not sexual she does like to do her magic and her work in the nude and in the forest this makes her feel more at ease and one with nature and she feels that clothing often restricts the flow of energy this is not a common belief amongst her kind however it is for her she also loves attending the goddess of Ostara especially during spring time
Communication: telepathy dreams and Oracle cards she also enjoys rune work of different styles. 
Song Resonance: 99 by barns courtney


Name:  Novia (in burgundy)
Entity or spirit: spirit binding 
Species: Ostaras  Bunny Attendant 
Gender: female 
Sexual orientation: bisexual 
Sexual towards keeper:  no 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:   royal purple and sky blue 
Arts: neutral arts 
Age: 3098
Food: vegan 
° Gambling aid 
° Enhances Luck 
° Removals of blockages 
° she takes any negative energy around you and converts it into positive energy to use for enhancing your luck prosperity and helping you with gambling things such as the lottery.
Offerings: garnet, amethyst, eucalyptus and sage candles or either scents for oils and incense she loves Divination oil and chakra candles. 
Personality: kind helpful stubborn antisocial she's a quiet individual who doesn't really talk unless she needs to she's the one who prefers to let her sibling do the talking for her 
Random information: while she is unique when it comes to the feeling of her energy she will not harm anyone or anything she's kind of punk meets rock and roll but she doesn't really show this in the way she dresses
Hobbies: reading writing poetry playing guitar and playing rockband or guitar hero she loves music based games including such things apps on the app store she also writes her own lyrics
Communication: dreams and telepathy 
Song Resonance:  the world belongs to me by my Darkest days



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