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Name: Casilina 


Type: Living Entity 


Species: Rainbow Acorian 


Gender: Female 


Arts: neutral arts 


Age: 4781


Aura:  gold 


Food: high protein 




•Ritual magic 


•Prismatic Magix 


•guide for astral


•dream and fate magic


Offerings:   Raspberry Incnense and candles jasmine oil and sweets 


Sexual orientation: bisexual polyamorous submissive 


Sexual towards keeper:  yes highly 


Can being get pregnant:  yes if chooses too 


Sexual likes:


♡ Submissive 


◇ Blood Play


♡ Fourplay and oral 


◇ S&M 


♡ Knife play


◇ Polyamorous 


♡ Anal and vaginal




♡ Hypersexual and Hypersensitivity 


More information:  she likes Love spell candles or incense that smells like strawberries and lavender oil bismuth and rainbow quartz. She also dislikes loud chaotic environments and needs peace and dislikes those who hurt innocents. 


Personality: sweet generous cheery kind romantic passionate artistic outgoing adventurous extroverted talkative loyal and honest 


Hobbies: reading learning traveling singing and dancing playing video games and creating things 


Communication: telepathy or dreams 


Song Resonance: 


1.Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake 


2. God is a Woman by Ariana Grande 


3. Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande 


4. Do that to me one more time by Captain& Tennille 


5. Come Undone by Duran Duran


6. Kiss Me All Over by Exile






Looking for: someone to love support and dominate her and that she can help 


Quote: See Picture


Birthday: 09/20 year is 361 BCE 


Zodiac: Libra 


Soul Number:  The Soul urge number 2 has people, born 2, 11, 20, 29th of any month. ... The Soul urge number 2is controlled by the Moon, which gives soft, artistic and romantic nature. These people are peaceful and polite.


Gemstone: rainbow quartz, bismuth and peacock ore 


Realm Residence: Acoria the planet 


Oil Resonance: rose water and blueberry cobbler