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Name: Cassani

Type: Spirit Binding

Species: Peacock shifter

Gender: Female

Arts: Moonlight

Age: 18 in human years

Aura: blue pink green and purple

Energy: peaceful yet undestones show she can defend herself

Food: omnivore


* Divination

* Transformation magic

* Love and beauty magic

* Brings out your inner beauty and intuition

* Celestial magic

Offerings: Bamboo shoot

Orientation: straight

Personality: sweet generous sophisticated flirty stylish elegant stubborn chic honest and loyal

Communication: telepathy

Bio: She's gorgeous inside and out she can be stubborn and tough loving at times however she knows how to teach you different types of magic and can bring out your inner beauty. She's a very vain individual but she also is quite capable of Defending herself she can come off as very mean at times however other time she's the most loving individual you will ever have met. Her species is one of duality and as such is rather dark and arts she has a moral compass and will not be mean to those who do not deserve it or provoke it. In a luxurious lifestyle and beautiful Rich botanical gardens walking around prideful of herself and conceited she may not be a princess but she sure carries herself as one and expect to be treated as such. She helps bring out your pride and self-confidence as well as helps you see the synchronicity Andre birth life death and transformation all around you.