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Soul: nurting naturally curious inventor who is very capable of defense of self and others 
Purpose:  to help assist and create in the astral medicines, weapons and fun things to make others and self comfortable 
Name:  Catalina Vonheim 
Type: BNV 
Species: Android Human 
Gender: Female 
Sexual orientation:  demisexual 
Sexual towards keeper:  it isn't her first priority 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors: Golden  bronze 
Arts: neutral 
Age:  32 
Food:  omnivore 
• Inventing things for your keep
• Protection
• Researcher 
• Head Scientist 
• Explorer 
• Weilds throwing gears 
• Teleport 
• Astral Creations in terraforming and constructing 
• Magi a Abilities for nano healing and mini realm creation 
Offerings:  chamomile tea and spare parts in the astral 
Personality: Sweet generous cheery talkative  wise loyal honest perky and nerdy  a genius and very respectful and reflective a quick learner and thinker 
Random information: (may sound like gibberish unless tech savvy at first) within  15 days she will learn you enough to communicate on your level of intelligence. Her main purpose comes before romantic ideals or tendencies she is logical and focused.  Due to her hobby you may hear disembodied music, singing or piano playing. 
Hobbies: reading and watching romances novels and playing video games pampering herself and listening to music or playing piano in her free time.
Communication: telepathy or clairvoyance 
Song Resonance:  99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger