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Name:  Cicia 

Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding 

Species: Cat Shifter 

Gender: Female 

Sexual orientation: bisexual  

Sexual towards keeper: sometimes 

Can being get pregnant: nope 

Aura colors: pink and gold 

Arts: neutral 

Age: 895  

Food: high protein 

☆ Lunar magic 
☆ Protection 
☆ Spellcasting 
☆ Arcane Magic

Offerings:  Moss agate, Divination oil or incense and candles (floral and woodsy) 

Likes: wisteria trees, sunbathing, window sills laying in small things, catching things for her keeper, running 

Dislikes:  too much heat or light or cold, arguing, blue gems, loud sounds or bigger animals(they scare her a bit I'm cat form), basketball or bad dreams 

Personality: sweet hyperactive cuddly trustworthy brave independent strategic classy and chic outgoing and talkative easily excited and embarrassed loyal and honest 

Random information: manifests as a purple orb or as a small black cat 

Hobbies: reading learning traveling singing trying new things baking and creating things she loves to paint 

Communication: telepathy clairvoyance tarot or scrying or dreams 

Song Resonance: 
Roar by Katy Perry