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This unique spell allows you to be able to see through to the truth of any matter. It is a true spell created with cosmos energy wish allows you to see through any situation and give you a boost of cosmos and galaxy energy. This unique spell also allows you see with lack of prejudice and from an un biased perspective.

Pros of this spell:

• Enlighten and understanding

• Learning forgiveness

• Seeing unadulterated truths

• Heightened senses and abilities

• Seeing through situations and people

• These things can be shown to use through dreams or intuition. Cons:

• Overwhelming especially for people who are emotional or sensitive • Can cause upset or hurt feelings do to the seeing and realizing that some people just aren't who you thought they were

• Be things can call sadness and depression do to the emotional aspect of it.

• The results can vary from person to person.

Cosmic True Sight Ritual