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These gorgeous beings live amongst the clouds. They live in castles and citadel's that are placed in the Clouds of the astral Realm. They are accessible via a Rainbow Bridge. Their magic is solely based on dancing and singing. Their energy feel so Heavenly and cloud like. They love helping their Keepers go to sleep and have a good night's rest. They bring good dreams and visions of the future. They manifest as a unique fiber optic looking light or a cloud other than their normal forms. They can also have familiars that are swans and birds come along with them. They help enhance communication and love to make you smile. They're experts at love magic and emotional control but only do this for good reasons such as if your sad they will do it to try make you call more happy. This prevents you from going to Dark Places that could possibly have negative impacts on your life. They enjoy floral bouquet candles or cotton candy candles lavender or chamomile incense and oil. They also love to interact with various forms of divination or through song If you are clairvoyant or clairaudient you will occasionally hear them singing or hear them talking as well as white noise.

Cosmos Dancers

  • This being is a white arts custom spirit binding. 

  • This being is a white arts custom conjure. This means they are defensless and are typically only using their gifts for good things and selflessness.