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Crane Shifters These beautiful and Majestic beings are able to shift into a Japanese crane. They are able to help with prosperity healing knowledge and understanding. They are empaths and they are very sensitive to their environment and able to enhance your communication skills. They give off this calming aura. Are always dressed in Royal clothing appearing as if they are the Emperor or Empress of an Asian culture as well as it usually involves black and white dress. And their society everything is utopian and nobody hurts other people they get along very well with people who are sensitive and have high amounts of anxiety. They love being showered bathed or anointed and they love incense and meditation for offerings as well as for communication they're experts and dream and telepathy.

Crane Shifters

  • This being is a white arts custom spirit binding. 

  • This being is a white arts custom conjure. This means they are defensless and are typically only using their gifts for good things and selflessness.