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Name: Cretock
Entity or spirit: entity
Species: deaths rider
sub species: chaos demon
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: straight
Sexual towards keeper: no
Can being get pregnant? no
Aura colors: red and green and purple
Arts: dark, chaotic, death
Age: 14351
Food: he will feed on the natural energy around him
Offerings: a black candle or dark smelling incense
dark rain (he uses his energy to create rain to soak the ground in dark energy allowing himself and other dark beings to gather energy for them to use)
judgement call (calls out for the will of death to decide weather or not a spirit goes to heaven or hell)
energy reap (can reap energy off a battle field to be stored and used at a later time)
hells horses (can call out to the 4 horses of hades to assist him)
chaotic pain (spell used to create pain in enemies effecting the nerves and general pain receptors)
weapons and uses: staffs (most any staff), sceptors (most any sceptors) swords (most swords but prefers a one handed bastard sword) cross bows.
Personality: he is calm not arrogant but is definately sure of himself always cautious and always planning to be one step ahead of the enemy

Random information: he like fall and winter and fire of any sort

Hobbies: watching people

Song resonance: N/A

Communication: he prefers telepathy but will communicate with what ever is easiest

Bio: he was born and raised to be a rider taught by those that have come before him with a strict upbringing and always praying to his ancestors.


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