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These box sets are so divine and intune hey are beautiful and give a bit of something heavenly for alter beauty and spirit!!!

Each custom Box comes with at least 2 Gems and Cards to show their uses. 1 alter tool or small book of spells. You can base it on a theme or intention.

Each box can be spelled for various things..

 pill box shaped or small trinket can be handmade or not handmade. 2 gemstones 1 beauty product. Small loose herb and 1 votive candle as well as a loose incense and hand created grid sheet or another choice of 1 spell on box,  teaching item and 1 small alter book and a mystery goodie. Not all fits in box!

These can be custom tailored to be an alter box, charging or whatever is neccessary for you. We can also do them RA based. These can be engraved to look natural or they can be painted or photography or even blood just please spefically state in notes some stuff is outside the box due to size. 

Feel free to ask any questions. Each can take up to two weeks to create and mail.

*Picture is an example of what you may get and is not an exact replica.

Custom Small Box