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Name: Dexa


Type: Spirit Binding


Species: Familiar


Sub: Pitbull


How they passed: old age Was it traumatizing: no very peaceful


Gender: Female


Arts: neutral


Age: 16 Aura: pale yellow


Food: dog food

Personality: she doesn't do much in her old age she's really really relaxing down to earth very comforting and cuddly quite the lap dog very peaceful and harmonious but she still gets up to play every now and again


Communication: Clairvoyance or clairsentience


About: Dexa belong to a family up in Northwest Oregon she was very loved and very much treated right very spoiled well-kept never know a sad day in her life she had kids to be exact her family had four they were small farm and she loved her run and run in her younger years as she Grew Older though she became more of a dog who would Lounge about on porch and love to be petted and loved on by her kids and her Masters she was quite capable of guarding those babies and her and her Masters as well in her younger years however as she aged she would get up to use the restroom and take naps a lot more in life but she still got up and played every time she saw her beloved kids come over her humans she still gets that excitement every now and again and will still play as well she's also quite comforting whenever you need it I will love on you as much as you want her to and then some she's quite a big old baby.