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Many countries all over the world celebrated time thanks ingratitude they may have different names for it however it's present and cultures everywhere.
The orb is a unique pre-made orb because every day for 75 days the essence of this gratitude has been taken and placed inside the orb similar so how Demeter's symbol is the Cornucopia. On the 76th day the orb has bestowed Bella  sings by Demeter as well as you can choose to other deities that can also bestow blessings on the orb I will not know what the blessings are until they complete your artifact. It is then kissed by each element an enhanced with blessings and prayers the demon does for 30 days on his lesson pieces of jade.

This is the ultimate abundance orb it brings in new Pathways and opportunities and two very different aspects of your life. Sometimes we may not like sets halfways and the opportunities that present themselves however they are Pathways in Opportunities nonetheless.

You can buy more than one however the gifts given are permanent and can impact you in different lives. This unique orb will change your life for the better. 

You can have psychical orb(will send examples to choose from this adds shipping and orb costs) or you can have it astrally
Those who purchase post by the 20th will recieve A  Demeter's Blood Apple and a portal where she invites you to partake of a special feast!!! 


This is due to Take Place on Thanksgiving and The next full moon and The next Blood Moon you are purchasing a very powerful artifact that is a collab with my partner. The apple will increase longevity stamina as well as heal one problem due to the way they grow in Demeters Garden. These can also do other things if you purchase multiple.  If you wish to purchase the Apple Seperate then it is $25.00 and we have a total of 785. 
° THIS includes the orb
° 2 Rites 
° 1 Ritual 
° 3 apples 
° Invitiation to Partake IN Demeters Feast within her Realm.
° This will Enhance your power 777x

while you may feel discomfort and some burning at first when you consume said Apple due to the fact that they're grown and in Immortals Garden who is giving them to you because of the fact that you have been blessed and thanked this is considered white magic there are no negative consequences or permanent consequences that are damaging that will happen to your astrophysical shadow-self or any of the above. They may taste extremely better and have a black inside. There is one apple hidden that can even give the anti-aging and immortality to an individual. This apple will be gifted at the Feast to one lucky attendee.


Demontrious and Myself will create and bind the portal orb and apples to you as well as I astra will be doing the write ups for this event. 

THE DEITIES IN QUESTION WILL PULL YOU INTO THE ASTRAL IN ONE OF THE VARIOUS METHODS. So if you can not yet astral yourself this is not an issue. You will remember the event as it is deities performing the feast. 

* Dreams 

* Obe

* During mediation 

Demeter's Harvest Event

$185.88 Regular Price
$92.94Sale Price