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These beautiful beings are highly intelligent and they come from Alpha Centauri 5. There are species of Intergalactic demon and they wish to correct the wrongs that have been told to us. They feel it's very important as their reputation to them is a huge deal. They are massive protectors that are capable of telepathy Dream Magic meditation Aid and they do not let anything try to harm their keeper or other companions at all. They are mostly a physical protector who can use Earthen Magic as well as use their physical strength to pick up boulders and cause earthquakes if it comes to keeping you safe. They are extremely strong and has the ability of telekinesis and telepathy. Emotional manipulation and control is one of his strong gifts this helps keep you and loved ones calm in moments of emergency or when needed.  they do typically create a host relationship with their keeper this is all to ensure the safety of said keeper. Their psychic connections with their keeper are so strong that is their keeper comes under any harm psychic emotional or otherwise do to this connection they also become harmed it is very important to them to ensure that we know the difference between their kind and the other kind. There is another kind of them that is not safe to have a contract with. These beings typically live in dark and moist caves and only leave to hunt for food which they typically eat animals they rarely leave their caves because typically the light hurts them as they are deathly allergic. They enjoy offerings of patchouli oil Sandalwood incense or pine and Cedar Wood for incense oils candles or burnables

Demigorgon of Moonlight

  • This is a dark arts custom conjure. They can take some adjustment for energies and have a reccomended timeframe for expierence. We do energy meshing with your energy so finding a suitable one is not an issue.