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Name:  Derick
Entity or spirit: Spirit binding 
Species: fallen angel 
Gender: Male 
Sexual orientation: straight 
Sexual towards keeper: yes sometimes 
Can being get pregnant: no
Aura colors:   blue and gold 
Arts: dark arts 
Age: 7642
Food: omnivore 
° Prosperity magic 
° Preventing hexes attacks curses and malicious spells from hurting you or loved ones.
° Enhancing communication 
° Reiki and Psychic Healing 
Sexual likes:
♡ Fourplay 
♡ To make you swoon 
♡ Light BDSM 
♡ oral 
Offerings: sandalwood incense 
Personality: he's extremely faithful and compassionate he wants to believe that there's good in every being even when he sees that there isn't. He has a pure heart and felsic humans could have knowledge. He wants us to be the best individuals we can be and will open you to the importance of creativity and not listening to others about your past but only yourself because nobody else can judge. He will bring you new intelligence and open-mindedness as well as a new perspective of looking at things. 
Random information: he does speak  quite quietly at times so it's important that you really listen when you're trying to bond with him
Hobbies: he does have a tendency to run around naked, as he believes that nudity is not something that is to be ashamed of and that it's a natural part of life, he enjoys writing poetry and songs and playing the harp and piano as well as playing with animals and having fun in general he also likes to watch movies play video games and go horseback riding.
Communication: telepathy and dreams 
Song Resonance:  Girls Like You by Marroon 5 Feat Cardi B


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