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These beautiful Fantastic Beasts are both primal and Majestic there Fierce protectors and Guardians of the Veil. They protect your keep and other companions and are cuddly and will never let any type of bad magic get past your barriers wards and shields. They tend to look ferocious and have various markings across them and on their bodies instead of typical fur. They make fantastic companion and even let fae folk and wee people ride them. These are various deities Aries which represents the fierce Warrior part of the Lion and the Demonic part. Hauthor and Bastet due to the fact that it is a bigger cat and due to the ract that Hathor orginally took the form of a demonized lion during the creation and blood spilling days in the beginning of Hermetic paths as her role of Amun Ra at Noon. In this aspect we see the line representing soul and the link was spirit which brings the aiding and divination and communication with Spirit as well as help meditating and astral projecting. Last but least Apollo himself because the ruling planet of Leo is the Sun which also brings further knowledge of fire Pride and spirit further eating you and communication cleansing and purification as well.

Diablo De Sol Leo

  • This is a dark arts custom conjure. They can take some adjustment for energies and have a reccomended timeframe for expierence. We do energy meshing with your energy so finding a suitable one is not an issue.