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Vetted: 07/23/18-07/24/19


Name:  Dorniana 

Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding 

Species:  Dark Sider Demon 

Gender: Female 

Sexual orientation:  straight 

Sexual towards keeper:  yes if desired 

Can being get pregnant:  no 

Aura colors:   silver 

Arts: dark 

Age: 5697 

Food: energy from emotions and the moon


☆ Spellcasting 

☆ Renewal Energy and Magic 

☆ Opens new opportunities for you 

☆ Prevents attacks

☆ Repels parasites 

Sexual likes:

♡ Dominate

♡ Oral 

♡ Fourplay 

♡ Leash and collar 

♡ Spankings 

♡ Light humiliation 

Offerings: white roses, moonstone and ritual oils candles or incense 

Personality: sweet generous cheery kind romantic girly friendly timid quite morbid and dark thoughts at time perverse sense of humor 

Random information: she is extremely observant and educated. She wants to learn reiki and about santeria. 

Hobbies: writing, studying outer space, aeromancy 

Communication: telepathy dreams or runes 

Song Resonance: In My Head by Jason Derulo and Superheros by the Script

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