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A Ritual that is all wonder and raw energy and power there's one creature that stands out purified by fire grounded by Earth cleanse by water and touched by the sky. So many different species of this one but it's no wonder we draw inspiration and energy from their ancestors and from the greatness that they can still achieve for us. They become excellent mentors, teachers, leaders and so much more. This amazing cleansing and purification ritual guess you the wondering awe as a cleanses and purifies your three bodies throughout all the 10 dimensions and then opens you for the true potential and opportunities that you may not have another chance to obtain life time wise. Wallace may feel like such a stretch the first way that the spell works is by tackling your emotional state. Once it has tackled your emotional state it will tackle your psyche and past life issues that are impacting your current life. It will then purge them away cleansing them like the rush of water. This will leave you emotionally Raw as of polished nearly to where you need to be to be able to access and open yourself up completely. After this you will be able to access energy is that you never were able to before specifically that of The Draconian Energies.

I cast this for two days and two nights the first night is the cleansing and purification part of this ritual with the aid and blessings of the Goddess Tiamat and the Draconian Lord Bahamut it removes everything negative from around you crate and kind of a no-fly zone with flame also referred to and this aspect as spiritual fire this does not cause any harm and this is the first part. This part is done with the assistance of Bahamut. The second part will feel that you have been cleansed and refreshed with the purification and release of emotions done with the energy of the element water. The second day I spend the time connecting you to the energies of the cosmos dragons and Galaxy dragons what this does is this opens you to Limitless possibilities that you may not have a chance of having otherwise. You're then cleansed and it is ready to assist you to learn lessons to the best of your capabilities for the new Cycles and those to come.1

Draconian Purge of Wonder Ritual