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This particular spell in virtual set is a dream of the past this means you can go back and see various periods of history and time frames this also allows me to pull one being from said time frame. This gives you authentic teachings from the past knowledge of past magic is very powerful and very hard to come by. This is a very useful tool for those wanting to learn and become alkalite or high priestesses of The Craft. Future Shop owners this also would apply to you if you are someone who is interested this will give you a mentor from the past or a certain event. As well as you can go back and see what went wrong and use it to better our communities and to learn from their mistakes. This kind of spell typically applies to ancestors simply because if you pull something and you're not careful with it it can mess up the timelines this is why someone who is unexperienced should not do these kinds of magic. This uses time magic illusion and Distortion Magic.

Dreams of the Past Ritual

$50.00 Regular Price
$32.50Sale Price