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What to keep in mind?

There are a couple of things that you will need to keep in mind when doing a custom. What energy you would like to have added, the purpose that you are creating your orb for even though it is dynamic it is essential to have well-thought-out design. If you are doing a custom so that way you can target specific areas of your life.


Reverse Adoption Style:

If you're unsure then we can just create it is a complete Dynamic and it can Target multiple areas. What would you like to work with your emotional stability, your psychological stability, are you having metal related stress issues or are you having trouble in your day-to-day life? These are certain aspects that you want to think about when creating your custom orb of this style. What god and goddess would you like to bless your orb. Do you want it to work with any specific style of magic.


How these work?

Once bound to you, within 24 hours you should start to feel either warm or cool temperature wise. This does depend on the energy of the orb. You will also fall asleep easier and feel more refreshed and wake easier. 

Over a small period of time you will start to or have enhanced and better controll during obe  sessions as well as have better memory recall and feel more stable and intune. Small raisings in the vibrations of your keep and possible near death expierences do occur. 

Within one week you will have dynamic changes and feel and remember expiernces with what you design the orb to do. Protection is added to ensure safety during the transitional time period so you are not as vulernable. 

Dynamic Orb