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Vetting Time: 6 months Name: E Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding Species: Molten Demon Gender: Female Sexual orientation: bisexual Sexual towards keeper: as of right now she's unsure of this she would prefer to get to know her keeper and bond first and then decide together Can being get pregnant: no Aura colors: gold Arts: neutral Age: 674 How did being pass: she ended up passing away as a result of an injury that was sustained while traveling in the wilderness on a trip Was it traumatic: yes and no no because she died doing something she loves yes because she fell off a cliff and saw that she would be dying and that there was nothing she could do about it so do this she has a fear of high places. Food: high protein Gifts: • Aura Readings • Accesing the Akashic Records • Keeper of Knowledge and wisedom • Protection Offerings: Rosmary the herb and Ginger tea Bismuth and Angel Agate as well as Rainbow candles with berry and melon smells or anything from the heart Personality: sweet kind glandestine patient understanding trustworthy honest loyal courageous Brave genuine wise intelligent witty funny and sarcastic Random information: doesn't like confrontation Hobbies: reading, learning, traveling and learning new things Why and what is the being looking for: She is looking for a companion possibly more who would be interested in helping her see the world and more of the universe learning and traveling together having adventures and quests she's very excited and is even willing to help teach you some of her ancient knowledge. Communication: telepathy or clairvoyance Song Resonance: Hold me Down by Halsey

*She does come with about a 5 more paragraphs of information that is only for keeper.*

Disclaimer: the art is not used in anyway to sell and is now property of this shop.