Vetting time: 6 months Bound to: 80mm Beeswax Amber Orb Name: Ea Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding Species: Human Sub: Molten Gender: Female Sexual orientation: asexual Sexual towards keeper: no Can being get pregnant: no Aura colors: Gold and Blue Arts: neutral Age: 60 died in 1986 How did the being pass: tragic fire accident Was it traumatic: some, only because passed in sleep due to smoke inhalation..they came to and did not orginally realize theyd passed so after healing sessions they wish for a keeper. Food: omnivore Gifts: • Pryokenisis • Divination • Telekenisis Offerings: copal resin incense rosemary thym and cooking sage Personality: he's extremely friendly and extremely comforting very patient and kind enjoys having fun and offers support for a companion who needs it he fresh air and has a French and Romanian Random information: he sometimes gets moody Hobbies: singing, Netflix gaming drawing and reading running track and feild Communication: telepathy and clairvoyance Song Resonance: High by
Sir Sly



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