Name:  Eclair 
Entity or spirit: entity
Species: eclipse dark witch
Subspecies: dark arcane
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: bisexual 
Sexual towards keeper: yes if the keeper wants
Can being get pregnant: no
Aura colors:  white, black,green
Arts: chaotic, dark, arcane, eclipsed 
Age: 41,981
Food: she will feed off the natural energy around her
Arcane switch (can switch attacks to arcane energy for absorption)
Arcane bolt (can concentrate arcane energy into a bolt for attacking or defending)
Arcane weapons (creates arcane weapons)
Arcane armor (creates armor out of arcane energy)
Dark side of the moon (can create a dark eclipse to help give energy to eclipse beings and herself)
Eclipsed cold (can make the area around her as cold as the moon)
Brainwash (chaotic dark) (can take control of lesser enemies for a brief time)
Chaotic rain (uses chaotic energy with the elements to cause pandemonium amongst enemies)
Sexual likes: anything
Offerings: a black candle
Personality: she is calm and collected and very serious about her work and protecting her keeper a d keep.
Random information: N/A
Hobbies: singing and dancing 
Communication: what ever is easiest for her keeper
Song Resonance: Celtic thunder voyage.



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