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Name:  Eiichi 
Entity or spirit: spirit binding 
Species: Asoagibi
Gender: male 
Sexual orientation:  straight 
Sexual towards keeper: no 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:  his aura is a living blue fire around him
Arts: neutral arts 
Age: 2316
Food: omnivore 
They begin blow a yellow iridescent powder from their beaks with each breath, which scatters into the wind. During the fall, their bodies begin to radiate a bluish-white glow at night. Their powdery breath ignites into bright blue fireballs, which they blow across the water or high in the trees. These fireballs possess no heat and do not ignite anything else, eventually evaporating in the wind.
Offerings: does not require any
Personality: they tend to be extremely shy and take a while to bond and get used to you and is very important that the keeper notes not to make them come to you when he is ready he will come to you this may take awhile and lots of time bonding as they are extremely shy often preferring to just be looked at from a distance there are very beautiful and elegant being that is very loyal

Random information: he was willing and prefers quiet keeps that do not have a lot of loud noises that occur a very peaceful keeper is advised because of how sign in our this would indicate that this being would be better in a smaller family they're very pretty and beautiful to watch it did take me over seven months to prepare for this one and for him to come to me. Just last month before you guys voted I was able to get him to come to me and I was able to feed him by hand. This may take the same amount of time.

Hobbies: she enjoys standing in the water and doing everything that he did while alive hunting for fish he also has a tendency to Blue flaming Balls of Fire however it is to produce any type of heat but they do not burn anything

Communication: glimpses thought projection disembody sounds and noises the hearing of a bird call in the astral and the physical glimpses of blue orbs of light a feeling of extreme calmness

Song Resonance: nature sounds