Purpose:  to protect keeper at all costs 

Name:  Elario 

Type: Servitor 

Species: Hellmire 

Gender: Male 

Sexual orientation: straight 

Sexual towards keeper: no 

Can being get pregnant: yes 

Aura colors:  gold and orange 

Arts:  dark arts 

Age: 230 

Food:  high protein or negitive emotions 

• Death magic 
• Protection 
• Physikinesis 
• Body Modification(can use without hurting himself) 
• Cytokinesis

Offerings: Lavender incense 

Personality:  sweet generous happy playful very defensive increased agro when in dangerous situations with keeper he is extremely protective and armored 

Random information:  dislikes dishonor 

Hobbies:  running, finding fights, going adventuring and on quests 

Communication: telepathy or clairvoyance 

Song Resonance: Cry for the Moon by Epica



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