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These cute miniature Raptors come from the planet Kojira. They are a predator but protective and friendly towards humans and humanoid beings. They roam around the settlements often eating scrapes of meat that are found. They produce extrical currents and phosphorus illuminates their bodies as a defends mechanism to confuse other beings that may try to eat them. I have a male and female mated couple in my keep who gave birth in December they are now fully vetted and ready for homes. They are amazing individuals who when fully trained can create words and barriers that are like electrical fences. They can use electrokinesis in order to protect and defend Keepers which is a way of of using telekinesis an electrical currents in order to create rays of electricity that can shock an individual basically senseless or to the point of death depending on how severe the threat they posed to the keeper and other companions is. They are very small and get no bigger than a Chihuahua when full-grown however in packs and in multiples they posed a very dangerous and carnivorous companion they're very cute and we'll even eat fish and small creatures from your hands when you feed them. It is important to get them while they're young so they are close and view you as their loved one this creates a delicate telepathic Bond creating a link that will not allow them to harm you and this link is also able to be transferred and used to other companions. This energetic Bond also ensures that when you are touching them and they are cuddling with you or anyone else in your keep that you will not be able to be electrocuted by their rays

Electro Lumis Raptors