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Mini information listing:
Name: Nero, Xavier, and Safiro Santiago Hyacker comes with 5 dire wolves and 5 fenris and the 3 elite brothers
Purpose: to protect and defend as a stealth operation team should. Keeper is their queen.
Mini bio: 
 These two amazing soldiers are like brothers. They won't have gone on Mini Stealth operations together with their direwolve and fenrir armies of ice and spirit. Their job is to go on any self missions and protect their Queen to the best of their capabilities. They are looking for a female keeper who has an interest and a need to be protected with the utmost secrecy and elitist guards that have ever been encountered. They have been so well trained by so many different species and worked with so many different individuals along their lifetimes did they form such a formidable and Unstoppable team that's the only thing that is able to even remotely put a hindrance in their movements and their capabilities is Arcane or fire magics. However they have developed Technology for the system to make this not a hindrance for much longer. They work hand-in-hand with all the key the companions that are protectors and any other technology that you might have to provide the best protection that you are capable of having. They format and Invincible team with who is already in your keep. You may give them 15 of their abilities they come with an extra 15 and a cloaking and invisibility device allowing your companions to be hidden and safe from anyone and anything this same technique has kept my astrsp hidden for centuries.

Elite Guardians