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Name: Emily The Corpse Bride (Tim Burton)

Type: Mini Muse

Species: Living Corpse

Gender: Female

Arts: neutral

Age: 19

Aura: blue and peaceful until upset then red

Food: food Gifts:

* Moving between relms

* magic * divination

* emotional support

* protection

Offerings: wedding style candles or butterfly candles

Orientation: straight

Personality: charming empathic sweet loving king sweet supportive helpful smart tactical pragmatic emotional at times loyal and honest Communication: Clarasentient


Emily was the most beautiful and rich woman in the village. Emily had blonde hair and blue eyes. Barkis Bittern came to town and she falls in love with him. However, her father refused to let her marry him but then Barkis came up with a plan to meet each other in the graveyard at the old oak tree at quarter to three o' clock. Emily agreed, kept it a secret from her parents and took her mother's wedding dress and a small fortune. Emily came just like Barkis told her and waited for him. When he arrived, he stabs her in the side and leaves her to die before stealing all her jewels and money. After death When Victor Van Dort was practicing his wedding vows and slipped the ring on a branch, Emily rose from her grave and, after chasing Victor, took him to the Underworld with her. After a request from Victor, she and Victor visited Elder Gutknecht, a wise old skeleton who seemed to have died from a head injury. He gives them a spell that takes them to the Land of the Living, where Victor leaves Emily in the woods to wait. After a while, she decides to look for Victor, and after finding him with Victoria Everglotangrily takes him back to the Underworld with her. Heartbroken, she goes to her room and laments about what happened to her and that Victor doesn't love her. Victor comes to her room and they both reconcile. Later, Elder Gutknecht tells her that her "marriage" to Victor isn't valid, since he has to be dead in order for them to be properly married. She says in despair that Victor would never kill himself since she knows he loves Victoria. Victor, who hears all of this, comes in and agrees to drink the poison and marry Emily.