Name:  Evani 

Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding 

Species:  Banshee 

Gender:  Female 

Sexual orientation:  straight 

Sexual towards keeper:  no 

Can being get pregnant:  no 

Aura colors:   blue 

Arts: neutral arts 

Age: 9842 

Food: energy 


☆ Helping dead cross over

☆ Signalling when someone will pass 

☆ Sending and receiving messages 

☆ Enhancing communication 

Offerings: lavender incense calms her 

Personality: quiet peaceful harmonious trustworthy brave independent strategic loyal trustworthy and reliable 

Random information: she can be talkative it just takes alot for get to know her and she requires someone who will do this and take their time.

Hobbies: listening to music reading and writing poetry 

Communication: telepathy or dreams 

Song Resonance: This is What You Came For by Calvin Harris feat Rhiannon



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