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These beings show as nothing more than a face or mask in the darkness. They feed on fear self harm be it emotional or physical. They help get rid of fears help prevent night terrors by taking away the pain and numbing it. This isn't able to occur by a toxin and it chemical reaction that occurs by looking them in their eyes. They're very emotionally quiet and void of all energy including that of death. This can be very intimidating to those who do not understand and to those new in the meta. They are not evil beings but they are demonized in art category. The reason being is they tend to startle and intimidate and give off an aura that is unusual and can scare someone who's not used to it. They can appear anywhere at any time and it's just a face that's all they can have open eyes they can have closed eyes they can even be a mask. They have no bodies. They came about do to people being afraid of horror movies. They have evolved over time to come see come since yet beings who have their own societies but rely on keepers to ensure their safety. Because most people freak out when they see just a face in the darkness or on a wall looking at them and don't feel the need to understand they run in fear. If you allow yourself to be trained and trained yourself and form a bond with one of these beings they bring courage strength and removal of that fear which opens many doorways and Pathways for much in life.

Facial Anomoials