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Name:  Kizana
Entity or spirit: spirit binding 
Species: Unicorn 
Gender: female 
Sexual orientation: straight 
Sexual towards keeper: no 
Can being get pregnant:  no 
Aura colors:   yellow 
Arts: neutral arts 
Age: 8941 
Food: vegan 
° Healing 
° White magic 
° Prosperity 
° Grounding 
° Cleansing 
° Purification 
Offerings: purification candles and oils 
Personality: sweet kind considerate patient gentle helpful accepting wise caring and wanting of love and attention
Random information: whenever she wants to be petted and groom she will Nestle your hand and gently take your hand and place it where she wants it. She has a friend in the Kelpie that is listed with her.
Hobbies: she enjoys telling stories about her culture and her heritage relaxing in the Sun and in the shade and running as well as talking to her friends in the forest and other beings such as fairies elves Kelpie and other horse like being such a centaurs she does generally get along well with everybody though
Communication: thought an image projection dreams and telepathy
Song Resonance: Boom Clap by Charlie XCX


Name:  Jaloz
Entity or spirit: spirit binding 
Species:  Kelpie 
Gender: Male 
Sexual orientation: straight 
Sexual towards keeper: no 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:  bright  green and blue 
Arts: neutral arts 
Age: 5671 
Food: omnivore 
° Agricultural aid 
° Prosperity 
° Abundance 
° Emotionally help and comfort 
Offerings:  blue gemstones and green or blue candles calming oils and relaxing oils 
Personality: extremely considerate and playful he's extremely friendly and helpful courageous and stubborn at times he's extremely prideful and cocky but very caring and emotionally helpful he goes out of his way to relax his keeper a compass keeper down and offers comfort and wisdom
Random information: whatever he wants attention you will hear his neigh or sense it in some way 
Hobbies: swimming, racing his friend and playing games as well as learning and bringing his keeper sea treasure 
Communication: dreams and glimpses Oracle or pendulum 
Song Resonance: latch by disclosure feat Sam Smith

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