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I have 4  Frosted Blue Glass Dragons. They are all very playful and sweet and are living entities. Their parents are a mated pair that live in my keep and want them to have many experiences in many places.  These living entities are 800 years old they age much faster than our realm and live in a beautiful cold and crystalline realm that is a huge cave system. They enjoy adverturing, lights and are a white arts species. They are naturally gifted at weather control, can shift their forms as well as divination and can utilize their energy to heal and awaken your spirit. Their aura is crystalline blue with ultraviolet due to the dimension they come from. I came across them while plane walking and utilizing biolocation was able to lear about their festivals and livilehoods. Their elder dragons are a team built of equality and the need to survive harsh winters. They love apple pie smells, cinnamon and hot chocolate with marshmallows for offerings and are a cozy companion for winter months but great for any time of the year as well. 

Frost Blue Glass Dragons