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Name:  Geriania 
Entity or spirit: Spirit Binding 
Species: Chaotic  Wolf Shifter 
Gender: Female 
Sexual orientation: straight 
Sexual towards keeper:  no 
Can being get pregnant: no 
Aura colors:   Gold and sky blue 
Arts: neutral arts 
Age: 3589 
Food: high protein 
☆ Protection 
☆ Medicine making 
☆ Shamanism 
☆ Voodoo 
Offerings: yellow flowers, caramel calcite and citrine lemon and orange candles she loves orange creamsicle (the ice cream) 
Personality: sweet stubborn proud chic beautiful inside and out very unique and eccentric elegant and bold brash and elegant has proper ettique but isnt afraid to stand up for herself or others 
Hobbies: doing her nails, creating paintings and skull art 
Communication: telepathy dreams and runes 
Song Resonance: Cheap Thrills by Sia