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This is a binding,a portal and a sigil to one of 15 Main Goetia of choosing from this list. Once this is sold out it will not be offered again.


1. Murmer:

his office is to teach philosophy perfectly and to constrain Souls deceased to come before The Exorcist to answer those questions which he may put to them if desired.


2. Orobas:

his office is just discover all things past present and to come also to give dignities and proceeds in the favor of friends and foes he gives true answers of divinity and the creation of the world he is very faithful to The Exorcist and will not suffer him to be tempted by any sort of spirit.


3. Gremory:

his office is to tell of all things past and present and to come and of Treasures hid and what they lie in and to procure the love of woman both old and young.


4. Ose:

his office is to make one cunning in the liberal sciences and to get true answers of divine and secret things also to change a man into any shape that The Exorcist pleased so that he is so changed it will not think of any other thing then that he is in the Verity and the creature the thing he was changed into.


5. Orias:

his office is to teach the virtue of the stars and to know the Mansions of planets and how to understand their virtues he also transformed men and he gives dignities and prella season confirmation also favor with friends.


6. Vapula: his office is to make men knowing and all hand crafts and professions also in philosophy and other sciences.


7. Zagan:

he makes men witty he can turn wine into water and blood into wine also water into wine he can turn all materials and into of the Dominion and the metal is up he can even make a fool wise.


8. Valac:

his office is to give answers to True hidden treasures and to tell where serpents may be seen they which she will bring also to the Executioner without any forces or strength by him employed.


9. Andras: his office is too slay discordsant he will slay both the Discordant and the Discordant followers.


10. Haures:

he gives true answers of all things present past and what is to come but if he is not commanded into a triangle he will lie about these and deceiving beguile his enemies and these things are in such business he will lastly talk of the creation of the world and divinity and how he and the other Spirit spell he destroys and burns up those who would be considered enemies also he will not suffer those to be tempted by any other spirit or entity.



11. Andralphus:

he can teach geometry perfectly he makes men very subtle and in all things pertaining and measurement or astronomy he can transform a man into the likeness of a bird.


12. Cimejas: he rules over all the spirits his office is to teach perfect grammar logic rhetoric and to discover lost or hidden treasures.


13. Amdusias:

he can cause trees to bend an incline according to his will and he also creates perfect familiars.


14. Belial: his office is to distribute presentations and Senator ships Endicott favor of friends he gives excellent familiars and governs 50 Legions of spirits note while this King Belial must have offering sacrifices and gifts presented unto him he will still give true answers unto his demands.


15. Decarabia:

his office is to discover the virtues of birds and precious stones and to make the similar to to all kinds of birds fly singing and drinking naturally.



Goetia Demons